3 Important Tips To Help Seniors Have The “Sex Talk”

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sex talk in senior dating

Seniors have a vast amount of history, but the one part of their history that can affect a blossoming relationship is the sex part. According to an array of available data, sex is the one thing a majority of seniors still desire to have.

The problem is that a newly dating senior couple is unlikely to have similar sexual skills or interests, which means they need to move past their differences in order to keep the romance alive. How can they do this?

Honesty Is The Best Policy

The first thing to do is have an honest talk about the topic of sex. It’s amazing the number of people in a long-term relationship fail to have this type of talk. While it doesn’t mean one thing… good or bad, most people refuse to talk about it because the conversation could become difficult. They never stop to think that it could improve the sex.

When you become newly involved with someone, and it seems sex is on the table, it’s important to have that talk. If you want sex to go the way you want it to, you need to let your partner know what you expect, and they should be able to do the same for you. Hoping things resolve themselves is the most naïve thing you can do. Forgo the past sexual experiences and focus on the now. The idea is to connect with each other and use your mutual feelings to feed those desires you have.

Always make sure the topic of sex is kept warm and discussed with an open mind.

Be Sure Your Mind Is Open About Sexual Experiences

Bear in mind that when it comes to love and sex, nothing is out of bounds but only if both parties are willing and comfortable with the experience. In order for the sex to be fresh and new, each partner should be willing to expand their horizons and do things they normally would not have done.

No, this doesn’t mean doing something that causes pain and endangers one’s life. Rather, it means having an adventurous sexual spirit that could lead to a more fulfilling emotional affection and reciprocated pleasure.

Excuses Are Just Excuses

If sexual differences are not address, the relationship is going to suffer for potentially both parties. And, when this happens, it can cause one party to step out and cheat. However, it doesn’t have to be like this.

By talking about the problems plaguing the relationship, without shame or inadequacy, they can wave through the problems and find common ground.  You don’t need to shame or blame your partner to get the kind of sex you want. It’s only done by talking with them about what you’re looking for.  

It’s important that the sex topic is approached with a new partner since unfulfilled sexual desires generally lead to irreconcilable problems that could spell doom for the relationship. While you need to be nice about the topic, you don’t need to keep your sexual needs hidden deep inside.

The best type of sex occurs when two people have a deep emotional connection to each other as well as a real desire to please the other person.

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