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1. What if your date is a real freak?

You really have to be careful out there. Nice outfits, cool appearance and fun dates is one great thing. But unfortunately, some people can under all that have some personality disorder more or less. This is never shown in an initial state. They do all they can to cover this up, in order to look normal, get a relationship like everyone else and just prove the opposite - if people already think they're odd and or just not normal.

The tip is to stay cool, if any suspicion, just act normal - never push any questions, never put them in a corner - just be relaxed, open up yourself about sensitive things, and your date might follow! If not - you just have to wait till you have moved in together. Then it's not likely for your partner to be able to cover all up 24 / 7 more than 1-2 months.

Still, never be angry, if a person really has a disorder, there's a reason (illness or something bad has happened to this person), just remember to never completely leave your old home, so you easily and quickly can move back home again after you've split!

2. How soon start the first meet?

An accidental meeting in public or online dating should be fun and safe. For effective online dating, after exchanging a few short and pleasant emails, one should meet someone right away to see if there is a genuine connection. Unnatural bonding can occur from long phone calls or excessive emailing and can cause you to feel unusually "comfortable" with someone who may not be the "right fit" for you. A quick meeting at a convenient location for coffee or a drink affords the opportunity to see if a genuine dating should follow. Things progress naturally from a face-to-face meeting. Men, make it happen quickly to be considered a serious inquiry.

3. how long you should commit to one same senior dating site?

If you dabble with Internet dating (joining here and there and then giving up after only a few weeks), chances are you'll be missing out on meeting some wonderfully interesting people. Daters come and go on any online dating system, so if you keep your profile up for at least six months, you have an excellent chance of meeting someone special that you would not have met on your own.

4. How to avoid a bad start for your senior dating?

Do not start relationships by chatting or talking about sex, it takes the important points of interest you should be talking about off the table and it pulls you into a vortex of sexual discussion and robs you of the opportunity of getting to know each other first. It is almost like having sex and after the act, you ask your partner.."Oh, by the way, what is your name?" The purpose of meeting someone here is to get to know them and see if you both have areas of common interests that makes you compatible. You wouldn't discuss sex with a stranger would you? Some people might, but it does not spell "common sense. Good luck.

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