5 communication skills for older people on senior dating sites

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communication skillsFor most of senior people over 50 are not familiar with the internet as well as the online senior dating things. Several dating tips remain true no matter what your age are. By following these rules, your experience will be more satisfying because you will actually get to talk to a few more people than you would otherwise. Check the tips below to see if it helps or not.

1.Try to break the ice by sending a wink or smile.

Don’t be shy, you should take the first step when you find someone you are interested. Don't be afraid to let her/him know that you find they are attractive, every one loves to hear this. Show your interests to the potential matches first, you will get some responses and then you will find whom you should keep contacting. .

2. Chat through email.

So you've received a response and have initiated conversation through email. Congratulations! You've made it through step one. But now what’s the next? Well don't worry, we will list some tips what you should talk in emails. Firstly find common interests and hobbies?and start the conversation from the things that you both like. You both will enjoy the conversation and you won’t feel awkward if you find the interesting topic. Don't hog the conversation or talk only about yourself. Try to ask open ended questions, and be honest about who you are, what you are looking for, and be realistic about things. Take your time, go slow, and keep your options open until you are 100% sure you and the other person are on the 'same page' and looking for the same things.

3. Be honest

Be honest about who you are and what you are looking for when communicating with others, coming truthful will set you free, free of emotional stress and the knowledge of being honest to someone important to you. Sometimes if you are uncomfortable by a certain question, let that person know. By lying to a person you are only hurting your chances with them. Sooner or later the lie will be uncovered. Save your self the headache and be honest from the start.

4. Avoid being scammed

Maybe you are chatting with several members at the same time, sometimes not every person is looking for serious relationship, someone are trying to get your money. You need to tell which one is not right when you communicating with others. Few signs for you to be aware of the scammers:
1). Poor writing in messages.
2). Write too much about his/her own story at beginning.
3. Too good to be true.
4). Long distance from you.
5). Ask exchange emails or phone number quickly, since they know that their profiles will be blocked soon by dating sites.
Besides above aspects, you can search the description they write in their profiles, search the photos online. If you find something is not right, you should think it over carefully.

5.Chatting online is not enough.

If you are seeking a serious relationship, you need to talk with the person face to face. You need to plan meeting your partner after know him/her better online. After exchanged several emails, you can ask for the phone number and try to talk on the phone first. If you feel comfortable with the people on the phone. And you think the relationship should go further, then make a plan and ask him/her out. Conversations online or on the phone are important, but conversations online can be taken completely out of context because there is no tone of voice, or enthusiasm, in the words being read. The body language and natural chemistry are just as important as good conversation or common interests when looking for a potential dating partner.

Above 5 simple tips are written for senior people who are looking for companies, activity partners or soul-mates on senior dating websites. For more dating tips for seniors, please visit the blog on this site.

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