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You need to admit to yourself right now that there will be instances where a date just is not working out like you had hoped it would. You will just have to get up and walk away from it. If you notice see more negatives from a person than positive ones, it’s time you realize that you have to walk away from that person.

What kinds of signs should you be watching for that will help you to know when it's time to leave the relationship?

6 Signs That Scream "Run Away" From The Relationship

He Doesn’t Let You Talk

One person cannot do all the talking during a date. You have to say something to generate a meaningful conversation. It’s okay to listen, but you should also talk. When the date is over, and he’s learned nothing about you, a second date is not what he deserves.

He Pressures You To Have Sex Too Soon

A person who is serious about the senior dating scene is not going to pressure you into having sex. You also don’t need to jump into bed with every guy you meet or when a guy looks good. You want to hold a conversation with him – to learn what his weaknesses and strengths are. Learn what values he has and how he sees women. You don’t want to date for the mere idea of having sex every time. And, if he’s a true gentleman, he’ll understand this. Have sex only when you are ready to make that next move.

He Talks Constantly About His Health Problems

At this age, health problems are pretty much a given for both men and women. However, it shouldn’t be the sole topic of conversation. There’s a time and place for this kind of talk. Try steering the talk to something else – something he may be good at or that you find interesting like cooking, swimming, long walks, exercise, etc.

You want to enjoy topics that can move the relationship along. If you can go on walks together, you’ll get an idea of how he feels overall. However, if the guy you’re dating tells you all about his health problems and won’t change the subject, you should consider moving on.

Your Date Is Talking Nonstop About The Ex

Breakups can be difficult to get over, and they can also leave a lasting effect on the people they affect. But, you cannot be the one to help his pain or deal with the grief. If he seems angry or hurt, it may not be over the event. With that in mind, you should not be trying to date this person, as they are not ready to move forward.

He’s Got Some Emotional Damage

Men who come across as emotionally needy are not ready to be in a steady relationship. If he constantly cried, demands your love and attention or is mad at you for not giving him a call, you need to steer clear of him. 

It’s possible your potential match from some senior dating sites is going through the divorce process and wants some reassurance that things will be okay. During this time, he’s trying to become emotionally stable and not become dependent on someone else to bring him “back to life”.  Unless you think you can handle this issue, you may want to consider dating someone else.

He’s Got A Big Ego

When it comes to dating after 50 for our senior people, you tend to want to live the simple life. You don’t need anyone to validate who you are. If you’re on a date with someone who has got a big ego, you’re not going to get much out of it.  Be sure you know what you want, and look for somebody who’s got a little integrity and is understanding of other folks.

If your date seems to put people less than him – the waiter, the chef or whoever – down, it’s not a person you should be seeing. Instead, find a person that will show signs of respect and gratitude – to you and to all he meets. This man doesn’t have to talk about himself repeatedly – his job, his life, his brilliance - to get you to notice him. He’ll do that by just being respectful and thoughtful.

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