Be careful the military dating scam on senior dating sites

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military dating scam

Many people who have ever tried online dating complain that the scammers exist on almost every dating sites, especially the dating websites for senior people. There are many kind of romance scams from the fake people who are positing the rich, beautiful or the people in military. Today let’s us talk about the military dating scam.

If you are contacted by someone who wearing a military uniform, you should do some researches to ensure that you won’t be a victim of the military dating scam. This applies to both men and women. Normally most people have a certain fondness for people in uniform. Those scammers exploit the respects from normal people in online scam.

So what does it look like on a senior dating site? An attractive photo of military personnel who can only communicate with you by email because they are overseas on a mission. There is usually only one photo of the person. The person declares undying love very quickly. The communication style is confusing. Sometimes many spelling/grammar mistakes, sometimes sheer poetry. They are willing to relocate because this is their last mission, and they will move to where you live to be with you. Eventually, they will ask you for money after get your trust, help opening a bank account, an email that you will send to someone on their behalf, documentation, or something like that.

How to avoid being scammed by those fake people? There is a lot of information on the internet about these scams, many sites list the scammer information for others to check. But this is how I figured it out and avoided serious harm:

1. If the member has personal pictures with uniform, use Google Images to search the pictures. You'll likely find it (as I did) as an image on the internet with someone else's name attached to it.

2. Search the email address and username on the internet. To quickly have a fake account on different dating sites, the scammers often use same username and email address to create account. If you find that the same username on different websites, but with different photos or locations, it might be a fake member. Normally the email address will be found on the scammer warning sites if it’s a active scammer.  

3. Similarly, you should search the description on the suspicious profiles. These people are used to copy and paste the same wording on different profiles and dating websites. If you find the same content on different platforms, but not from same person, then it’s bad sign.

4. For the parts of the message that are well written and poetic proclamations of love, copy and paste it into your search engine. I found that they came up as part of documents called "Poems for your Girlfriend" or something like that.

5. Ask them to email you from their military email account. They should have one. And they shouldn't have time to be emailing people on a dating site while on mission (most likely).

6. If they ask you for money or something related your bank account, be wary. Don't do it. Block him/her immediately, and report the profile to customer support. Usually the dating sites support will investigate the member you reported to them. The fake profiles will be removed from the database soon.

7. Communicate more via the tools on dating sites before giving your personal email address and phone number. The scammers want you go write to them from your personal email or chat with them because most dating sites will block or remove the fake profiles in time. Some people you are contacting may be in the block list. Take your time! Valuable friendship & love doesn't happen instantly.

For more senior dating advice, please visit our other posts on this site. Hope this helps others to avoid the scams from those dangerous people.


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