How to tell if he is seeking serious relationship from his profile?

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For senior people, If you're looking for a serious dating or relationship on senior dating sites, here are some useful tips to obtain the maximum benefit of your online senior dating experience. You should know how to read a profile the dating sites provide to you.

After checking few profiles, you will find that some profiles are direct, they are expressly seeking a sexual connection or hook-up partners. You can usually tell by the description of the profile, username, or photo. For example, “freaky, must love sex, fun, just seeing what's out here”. Photos are sexually suggestive and/or nearly nude or bare chested. Usernames that are sexual in nature or mention the male anatomy etc or profile headlines - I am a great lover, etc.

Profiles: First and foremost, spend a little longer time to read the profiles carefully. It will help you weed out the people you are not interested in. Know what you want, and what you don't want and stick with it. When I read a profile, and the profile is written in text language, I bypass the profile. Don't get me wrong there is a place to be creative, but if what I am seeking is something of value, I don't want a guy who can only communicate in text language or places little value in setting up his profile. I also bypass profiles, that have "please ask" responses for everything. Again, this shows the individual has low priority in taking a few minutes to establish his profile. Only view profiles that have photos, remember you are paying for this site and if a person is not serious enough to post a photo, then don't waste your time.

Usernames: Look out for creepy usernames. I know people try to be creative, but use a little common sense.

Marital Status: People whose marital statuses are separated, married or divorce pending are usually looking for casual encounters. They are emotionally and physically unavailable to start a serious relationship with you. These online daters are "spending" time until their current relationships changes. In most cases, the person they are separated from/married to has no knowledge they are on online dating websites or dating apps. Unless you are seeking just a sexual encounter, and even this I would avoid as it creates a messy situation, stay clear of profiles that have this type of status. Allow the person to "end' and closeout their current relationship before starting a new one with you. Remember, you don't want to be on layaway, when you have the funds to purchase right now.

Profile Pictures: Profiles that contain group shots wherein, you have no idea who the photo is actually about. Gang signs, hand gestures, hats on backward, lots of beer and partying photos, vulgar and crude photos, childish photos, are all indicators of where this individual is on a maturity scale. Does this profile say long term or party city, which if that is what you are seeking is fine, however, if your goal is a long term or serious relationship, look for quality and depth. Also lookout for profiles that have close ups that only show the top of heads, or the picture is so small you can hardly see it. Bad lighting, bathroom pictures, horrible selfie and bad grooming photos.

Red Flags: Beware of users, who are pushy in their efforts to communicate offline too soon. The scammers or fake people want to connect with you by personal email address or phone numbers . Don’t give the personal info to strangers. The scammers and fake people know that they will be blocked soon by the dating sites. Know the difference between compliments and flattery. Flattery and charm go hand in hand and usually means disaster in dating. Flattery, is not about you but a tactic the users uses in order to get what they desire. Use caution when a prospective person wants to do everything for you (buy your clothes, cook for you, run a bubble bath, paint your toes, pamper you, I just want spend all my time at home with you, etc which can sound romantic at first, but in actuality this could be signs of a controlling person. Too much too soon, or asking for intimate details or sexuality explicit photos shortly after connecting. FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS!

Finally, online dating takes time. Don't be discouraged with the process. Not only do you matter as a person, you deserve a great relationship at your 50s, 60s and even 70s. For more dating tips, please feel free to visit the dating sites for over 50, hope you can learn more useful tips through there.

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