Sex Really Is An Important Topic In Relationships

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When it comes to dating, sex does matter. In fact, it’s an important aspect that should be looked at. Most people don’t just want someone to sit and talk on the porch screen. They want to engage in some type of physical contact. Thus, sex does matter!

That doesn’t mean you climb into bed the first time you meet. You’re not young anymore – you’re in your 20s and 30s where you might have had a one-night stand and that be that! Today, you are thinking of intimacy and connections. And, if you are not for some reason, he probably is. If there’s any kind of mutual attraction, you don not have to wait forever and day to have sex. 

When you are intimate, it means your heart has gotten involved, and you know that, in time, sex is going to be an issue. Take what you know from your past and the independence you have, and ask yourself if you really want to open yourself up to another person. The ride can be like a rollercoaster, but it is a worthwhile venture if you decide to do it.

Wait Until You Know For Sure That You’re Ready For The Next Step

When you are 50 or order, you know when the right time for you is… for anything. You are much smarter, you’re more mature, and the ability to make decisions is much better than in times’ past. You know when someone is and is not right for you.

As you would teach your daughter, you need to know what a man’s intentions are before you can move forward in a relationship with him. You must talk with him to see if there is any compatibility. Have the sex talk with a man before the move is made. What should the talk include?

  • Safe sex
  • Where he’d like the relationship to go
  • His feelings for you
  • Important needs you may have

    If you can’t do this is a mature manner, you may already know to step away from him. You want to make sure his intentions align with what you have in mind. Of course, there may be times where you just want to be a little frisky.

    Learn What Kind Of Person He Really Is

    You should already know what kind of person you want to be with before the senior dating. If you want a husband, you don’t want someone who acts like a hotshot. You don’t want someone who makes you smile every now and then. Instead, you should look for someone who tries making you smile on a daily basis. You don’t want to just get laid.

     Remember sex for men and women are often different. If you sleep together right away, men may see you as nothing more than good for sex (no emotions are put forth). Women tend to put their heart into it, only to learn later that the feelings were not mutual. This can lead to regrets later on.

    Don’t do this to yourself.

    Set Boundaries

    If you create boundaries for yourself, it means you know how you’re going to live your life. If you’ve established some value over the year, chances are you won’t compromise them for a single thing or person. You know there is a right way and a wrong way to get things done. Be sure you define who you are, what you have standings for and how you’d like your sex life to go. These values are often shaped by things that have happened to you.

    Some women over 50 tend to be very liberated sexually due to the independence and freedom they’re getting to enjoy. Some women are going through menopause that’s hindering their sexual desires. And, there are some women who can’t express who they are sexually because of fears of flaws in their body. If you have any of these issues, you should be able to talk to your new beau about them without fear of repercussions or ridicule.

    Once was a taboo subject is no longer a thing. You should be able to openly discuss sex with anybody you meet and feel close to.

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