Ourtime.com has the largest user database and the complicated website structures, so many members don't know where's the ourtime login page, how to turn on or cancel the ourtime auto login setting, also there are a lot of senior singles are searching answers about their customer service phone numbers, mobile apps and other issues about ourtime. Now you can check the answers below.

Question: How to log in ourtime.com?


1. Visit the homepage of OurTime.com at http://www.ourtime.com/

2. The ourtime login link is placed at the top right corner. Check the screenshot below.
ourtime login

Question: Where's the ourtime login page?

Answer: To sign in ourtime.com, you can directly visit http://www.ourtime.com/v3/login
ourtime login page

Question: How to turn on / off ourtime auto login setting?

Firstly, please go to the login page, visit the link www.ourtime.com/v3/login, enter your email and password, if you want to turn on the auto signin setting, please remember to check the box under the form, then click the Login button. You will be automatically signed in when you open your browser next time.

If you want to cancel the auto login setting, you have to go to the "Account Setting" after login and manually log out your account first. Don't check the box "Keep me logged in" if you don't want to automatically enter this site. See screenshot below.
ourtime login page
ourtime logout page

Question: What's the ourtime customer service phone number?


Ourtime customer service number:1-866-727-8920.

Customer support email address: customercare@peoplemedia.com.

If you have any questions, feedbacks, complaints or any query related to ourtime.com, you can contact them by the phone number and email address, or you can find answers or send feedback to them at http://www.ourtime.com/v3/help.
ourtime login page

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