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I have been on seniors dating websites for several years and can pick out a scammer with their first email.

1. They are handsome, not their real picture.

2. They want to email you off site as they "only have 1 day left in their membership".

3. Their first email is not just HI how are you, as a normal guy would write, but so lengthy it had to be copied and pasted to many women, going on and on about how they value true love and honesty and there is always a sob story that their wife just passed from a fatal disease and they have one child about 11 who is the center of their world.

4. If you ever get so far as to talk to them, they always have an accent, and checking out their area code, it's not where the site says they live. They often say they're borrowing their boss's phone, connections are always really scratchy and bad.

5. Their job is always either building bridges in England or an antique dealer in west Africa among others, usually overseas.

6. I've had 2 send gifts of 3 items each... flowers, a mylar balloon, and either a stuffed animal or chocolates, all in one delivery.

7. If it goes on a while, they ask for money to come see me, one was in Spain, the other sent a bill of lading from an importer in Japan as he couldn't make the payment and needed help. $1200. Asked why he didn't go to the bank for money, he said he did but was given all they could.

8. Lately, the newest scam, got 2, is a man and the other was a woman, wrote me saying their boss was looking at their phone, or they were showing someone how to use dating sites, these were Match and POF, and the boss thought I was really attractive and wanted to email me. Ended up, I knew it was a scammer and told him so and he used the most vulgar language! I hope this is good actual evidence of what scammers do.

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