Topics you should avoid discussing about on your first date

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Senior dating is a concept that wasn’t very popular in the past. However, thanks to the inception of specialist senior dating sites, things have become a little simpler. Today, you stand a chance of connecting with 50 plus singles from the comfort of your couch. Nevertheless, it is to be borne in mind that dating when you're 50 years old isn't as easy as it would have been when you were 20 – something.

Those catchy pickup lines wouldn’t work anymore and you'd have to focus on being classier rather than showing your swag. Senior dating sites have certainly changed the way people perceive dating at the age of 50 and above. In case you’ve managed to land a date with someone whom you met online, there are a few things that you'd have to be prepared for. One such thing is the topics that should be avoided.

Avoid speaking about your past relationships

This is an absolute no – brainer. If you're looking to start a new relationship, you'd have to forget the past. Talking about your previous relationships with someone you see as a potential companion, would give an impression that you're having a hard time overcoming it. Your potential partner might also feel that you wouldn’t be able to give her/him the kind of importance he/she deserves.

Health issues

Talking about your unstable blood pressure or the recent surgery you’ve undergone makes absolutely no sense. By doing this you'd only be frightening your partner and give her an impression that making you a part of your life would require a great deal of effort and patience. It goes without saying that not every person in the world has the patience of dealing with someone of that sort.

Most senior men are not looking for a one-night stand or arm candy. Rather, they want a woman who appreciates desire and companionship. Sure, older women want what men have to offer in the bedroom, but understands the sex life isn’t everything. These women understand that these men’s professional life isn’t the same for them as it was in their 30s.

Political issues

The purpose of heading out on a date is to understand each other better and build a better rapport. Discussing about political issues would not only attract a lot of criticism but in case you have different opinions, it could be the reason behind your rejection. It would be better to refrain from discussing about any controversial topics.

Your sex life

Regardless of whether or not you're sex deprived, it wouldn’t be a great idea to spend time discussing about each others’ sex lives. Irrespective of how old you are, talking about sex on your maiden date would only show that you're looking for a person only to have sex with. Individuals seeking a long term relationship would invest time understanding each other rather than their expectations from their partner on the first date.

If you're a 50 plus single looking to find a companion, the above mentioned tips would help you leave a mark on your maiden date.

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