The ups and downs of online senior dating websites- Part 1

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Gone are the days when placing an ad in the Lonely Hearts Column of the local newspaper is something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. We now have online senior dating sites springing up all over the world and it has become a lucrative industry. Every coin has two sides, so does the online senior dating. Internet plays an important role and brings us convenience, but it is also used by scammers for stealing your money or information. So how does this compare to the traditional way of meeting and dating and do the same rules apply?

First of all we have the initial impression stage. The saying goes "you only get one chance to make a first impression. In the realm of Internet dating you are going to be judged in a very different way than if you were in a social setting".

People who are dyslexic, or have issues with spelling and grammar fall at first hurdle right away. If you met someone in the traditional way, it may take you months, even years to realize that this person cannot spell and so this would not have been a factor in that all important first impression. However, apply that to on-line dating and the same person could be dismissed immediately and written off as unintelligent, uneducated or worse. If this applies to you, familiarize yourself with the spellchecker on your computer.

Then we have the issue of what you actually write in your profile. We all have an idea of what we will make us happy and what we would prefer to avoid, but sometimes putting those things on a profile can give an impression that we are ONLY looking for one thing. A good example of this is someone who states that they are looking for a long term relationship or marriage but the rest of the profile consists of a list of sexual preferences. Sexual chemistry is important, but does this issue really need to be raised before you even know someones name? It may never get as far as meeting in person let alone meeting in the bedroom! There is a time and a place for everything and a natural order in which things unfold. A profile that is purely sexual in content is saying ONE thing : I am only looking for sex.

I feel that there are two kinds of people on dating sites. Those who use the site as a place to make initial contact, are open to quickly moving on to meeting in person and developing a relationship, and those who are not. The ones who are not have no reason to be honest. They will add a few inches to their height, claim to weigh much less than they do, use pictures that range from being someone else entirely, to disguised with baseball caps, sunglasses, taken from 15 feet away or even taken 20 years ago. Some just do not post a picture at all.

If you click on a profile and find pictures of genitalia, that says way more than ANYTHING they may have written in the profile. In some cases it call also be an indication of deep insecurity when someone feels that the only attribute they have are large breasts! It will take FAR more than that to sustain a relationship. The only time that is not a major red flag is if YOU are purely looking for a sexual encounter.

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