What you should do for your first date?

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first date tips

Online dating is simple and easy to reach as many people as you want. But dating online also has its weakness sometimes. Many fake profiles and scammers online are looking for their victims. It's convenient to find people talking online, but you should be careful about your safety at the same time.

You joined a website, did some searches, and found someone nice. After engaging in conversation for a period of time online; you start to get to know a person and they open up to you. They tell you amazing things that make you feel comfortable, safe and perhaps you let your guard down some.

Regardless of who it is; when you meet them for the first time, it's important to be safe. You must find out how to spot fake profiles and how to protect yourself.

1. Choose a close family member or best friend that lives local- who you are comfortable telling them about who you are dating. This is one feasible way to protect yourself.

2. Before every date, screenshot them your date's picture and include his name, social medias, his number and the address you are meeting.

3. Then text them a picture of you dressed for the date. (Therefore if something happens they can better describe your appearance that night to the police).

4. Also create a code system for texting. And be sure to create a discrete code for "help I'm in danger".

5. Lastly check in with your buddy via text message throughout the night or right after the date so they know you are safe.

6. And mostly importantly- don't give out too much personal information about yourself on the first date. Your date doesn't need to know where exactly you leave, if you live in the city alone, your daily routine, work address etc.

Senior dating is fun and supposed to be fun. But adding an extra layer of safety; makes the date more enjoyable!

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